Publication Scheme

The Publication Scheme is a guide to the information routinely published by the University of Worcester. If you would like any of our published information please look below under (What we publish). If what you require is not listed please contact the Head of Information Assurance 

How are they published?

With a few exceptions publications can be downloaded free from our website. Publications are available in additional formats for those who require them. For information, contact the Publication Scheme Co-ordinator. If you require paper copies of any documents, there may be a charge, which will be quoted to you at the time of your request.

Legal Requirement

Adopting a publication scheme is a requirement of the Freedom of Information Act 2000 This Act promotes greater openness and accountability across the public sector by requiring all 'public authorities' to make information available proactively through a publication scheme.  'Public authorities' are defined in the Act and include universities, further education colleges and sixth form colleges.

Publication Scheme

A Publication Scheme is a guide to the specific information held by public authorities.  The information is split into seven "classes".  The University is committed to reviewing and updating its information guide on a regular basis.

The University of Worcester has adopted the Model Publication Scheme 2009 developed for Universities and is therefore committed to publishing the information it describes.

More information on publications schemes is available from the Information Commissioner's website at:

What we publish

Information published by the University of Worcester is divided into 7 classes. Each class refers to the type of information published and within each class there will be a number of individual publications. We publish information in the following classes (please click on the name of the Class to access further information) :-

Class 1: Who we are and What we do

  • Legal Framework
  • How the institution is organised
  • Location and contact details
  • Contact information

Class 2: What we spend and how we spend it

  • Financial information including procurement, contracts and financial audit

Class 3: What our priorities are and how we are doing

  • Strategic Plan
  • Performance Indicators
  • Audits
  • Inspections and reviews

Class 4: How we make decisions

  • Decision making processes and records of decisions

Class 5: Our policies and procedures

  • An A-Z of University procedures is available via this link

Class 6: Lists and Registers

  • Assets registers, disclosure logs, register of gifts and hospitality, register of interests

Class 7: The Services We Offer

  • Information about the services we offer

The University maintains a Register of Policies and Procedures

Contact Details

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