Privacy Notices

The University of Worcester is a Data Controller.  This means that we are responsible for deciding how we hold and use personal information about you.  We are required under data protection legislation to publish Privacy Notices explaining what personal data the University holds about you, how we share it, how long we keep it and what your legal rights are in relation to it.


The University has published the following Privacy Notices:

It is important that you read the relevant Privacy Notice(s) noting that, depending on your circumstances, more than one may apply to you.  You should also note the following webpages:

  • CCTV (including information about how we use CCTV
  • IT Regulations (which includes information about monitoring of network accounts - section 8)
The three main Privacy Notices are accompanied by Records of Processing Activities which set out the various data records, the lawful basis they are processed under and who we share the data with.  The above Privacy Notices should be read in conjunction with the relevant Record of Processing Activities
We regularly review the way we present our Privacy Notices and would welcome feedback on their accessibility.  You can send feedback to