Information Security Training

Mandatory On-line Training

All staff are required to complete the mandatory online Information Security training module.

This is accessed from the staff portal, after the login, via the  

If the 'UCISA Information Security' module if not on your Learn Upon dashboard, and you haven't previously completed the training please contact (tel: ext 2070)


Additional Training Available via

In addition to the mandatory training there is a range of additional training modules available to staff via their account. is an online skills development portal offering an extensive library of high quality video courses in digital, technology, creative and business skills.

Staff can access their account via the staff portal, clicking on the  in the bottom left hand corner.  Links are provided below to a number of courses to give you a flavour of what is available but we recommend that staff access the courses via their account.

If you have any problems using your account please contact (tel.ext 2070)

Short Courses

Below is a collection of relevant fragments from that may help you identify common types of phishing and spam emails, software and sites that you need to be able to avoid.  

How to avoid phishing scams (6 mins 56)

Recognising secure websites (3 mins 41)

Recognising social engineering (4 mins)

Understanding Trojans (2 mins 22)

Understanding Whaling (2 mins 44)

Longer Courses (it is recommended that you access these through your account (see above)

Cybersecurity Awareness: Phishing and Whaling (54 mins 32)
a longer course which breaks down into a number of sections:

  • Understanding Phishing (2m 55)
  • Advanced Phishing Methods (2m 23)
  • Types of Phishing (4m 44)
  • Impacts of successful phishing attacks (2m 17)
  • Phishing methodologies (2m)
  • Phishing examples (7m 10)
  • How to reduce phishing (1m 28)
  • Use of technology in phishing attacks (3m 42)
Avoid Phishing scams (1 hour 18)
This is in sections and looks at securing your computer, your wi-fi network, secure internet browsing, staying safe on the internet, protecting your privacy online and protecting the privacy of others

Internet Safety for Students (55 mins)
Whilst it is aimed at American students who want to know more about how to set up their computers to be more secure and how to stay sage on the Internet the advice is relevant for all computer users. 



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